How to Clean Your Heat Pump Filter Like a Professional

Did you know that heat pumps are like woodfire chimneys? They need to be cleaned and serviced before use each year. If your heat pump is used for both heating and cooling (air conditioning) then it usually requires a clean twice a year!

Over time, heat pump filters become clogged with lint and other household dust and grime.

An annual (or bi-annual for air conditioning as well) clean is important to ensure your heat pump is running efficiently and ultimately saving you money!

Step 1

Turn off unit with the remote, open filter access panel with tab on side.

Wakatipu Heating Refrigeration-Change heatpump filter-open panel

Step 2

Push filter up to unlock it from heat pump fascia and pull filter out. Note: if this is your first time taking filter out then recommend doing one filter at a time to ensure filter has been correctly replaced when finished.

Wakatipu Heating Refrigeration-Change heatpump filter-remove filter

Wakatipu Heating Refrigeration-Change heatpump filter-remove filter

Step 3

Wash filter with water from clean side through to dirty side, then dirty side through to clean. Continue to wash until all lint and dirt is washed off filter. Note: if unit has deodorisers and is over 3 years old then discard as they have lost their efficiency. These do not affect the operation or capacity of the unit. Allow to dry before refitting.

Wakatipu Heating Refrigeration-Change heatpump filter-wash with water
Wakatipu Heating Refrigeration-Change heatpump filter-deodoriser removal

Step 4

Install filters back into the unit the ensuring the same way they came out. Once both filters have been cleaned, shut access for and sit back and enjoy your newly cleaned heat pump.

If you haven’t cleaned or serviced your heat pump or air conditioner in more than a year then go through the steps above to clean your filters and see how you go.

If you don’t have the time or would feel more comfortable with a professional service from our friendly team then give us a call or email at Wakatipu Heating and Refrigeration and we will come and give your heat pump its annual health check to ensure your energy outage stays low and so does your electricity bill!

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